★★★ DONNA 朵娜 ★★★

★★ #LookWhoIsBack ★★

★Topless★HJ★99 HDLY★Room Incl★

Vital Statistics

Name: DONNA 朵娜

Origin: 重庆美眉

Age: 24

Looks: Pls refer to pics

Height: 165cm

Weight: 48kg

Body: 34B/23/32

Other Interesting Facts

♥♥♥ Personality- 温柔, 可爱

♥♥♥ Hobbies- 健身, 旅游, 阅读

♥♥♥ Relevant Experience- Info not provided

♥♥♥ Love Nest- Studio apartment. Discreet and private

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The services listed are agreed by the lasses themselves after they fill in a questionnaire. We do not cut and paste. Pls request for the services if they are not provided, NOT KEEP QUIET and come KPKB saying you have been smoked. You have every rights to request for the services provided as a paying customer. I choose to keep quiet at the accusations posted at the SBF TCSS thread because i do not want to be further accused of advertising for my lasses on the thread but that does not mean i am admitting to all the absurd accusations.

We pride ourselves on a platform with integrity and the lasses know that not all can come aboard just because they want to pay and we do not take in any Marys, Janes or Lucys. If the lasses do not prove themselves after a month, we have every right not to continue with their advertising when their term expires. Cocky or not, go ask the lasses onboard. They will tell you the straight truth and not the bullshit that the lasses i refused are telling you.

Period. Have faith and have fun here. Else, pls seek your fulfillment elsewhere!

Brand NEW concept, Brand NEW format for your easy reference. With immediate effect, we will only be listing their services for your easy reading. Rest assured that strict QCs are still in place to provide the best for your ultimate enjoyment. No bullshits but good old school authentic massage with a dash of extras.


★★★ TOPLESS Authentic FINGER PRESS/OIL Massage [半裸正宗指压/油推按摩]

★★★ Face/Head Massage [脸/头部按摩]

★★★ HJ [打飞机]

★★★ 99 HDLY [99式海底捞月]

★★★ Special Traits/特异功能- Ants Crawling Up The Tree [蚂蚁上树]

Location: CENTRAL

Operation Hours: 10AM-10PM

      S$120/60mins/1xHJ Inclusive of Room

HOTLINE: +65 9053 7992

Can converse in ENGLISH

CHINESE only due to language barrier

NO FJ/BJ/BBBJ/Housecalls. Kindly respect her wishes

8 thoughts on “DONNA 朵娜

  1. I managed to get a slot with Donna after several attempts and was really looking forward to it after reading numerous positive FRs about her gorgeous good looks and service. When I finally met her , I must say that my persistence has paid off as I was stunned for a moment as she is indeed a very beautiful lady, tall and classy looking with long black hair and sharp features. She resembles those super chio female colleague OL that we all wanted to date and kept stealing glances at in the office. I felt very comfortable the moment I met her as she displays a fantastic attitude with the most sincere and welcoming smile that I have ever encountered. I must admit that I was deeply captivated by her killer smile. She made me feel that I am a valued customer despite meeting her for the first time and I can instantly feel her sincerity and willingness to serve.
    She lives alone, in a nice and cosy apartment, location is convenient and and easy to park.
    Before she began her massage, she asked me which part of my body was tired. I told her that my shoulders were a bit stiff and she focused more on trying to ease my sore shoulders and back. The massage took about 30 minutes and was executed with just about enough strength and I felt totally relaxed after that. Then I suddenly felt some deep breathing and a tickling feeling around my ears and neck and guessed that the sensual has begun. At the same time, I felt her hands stroking down my legs to tease me and after teasing me for a while, she asked me to turn over. I was already hard like rock by then as I was very aroused by her sensual and she started playing with my balls and proceeded to stroke my shaft with a bit of oil. Upon request , she also removed her top to reveal a nice pair of B cup boobs and I felt even more excited by now. She cleverly used her fingers to create some variations and patterns in the HJ which is unbelievably nice, alternating between speeds and began to increase the intensity of jerking my manhood as I started moaning louder. As much as I like this magical moment to last forever, I shot out a huge load after a few heavenly minutes. She helped me clean off my cum and went to clean her hands while I took a quick shower and she asked me if I wanted a head massage which I gladly agreed. The head massage was another relaxing experience to top it off. I must commend on her excellent time management as I was in and out of her apartment in slightly less than an hour.
    Overall I feel that Donna offers a good balance between a relaxing massage and satisfying sensual, and her gfe feel is second to none.

    Below are the ratings:

    Looks 9/10 very beautiful and classy looks, can’t be any better. Her smile is a killer.
    Massege 7/10 enough strength and tries very hard
    Sensual 8/10 good variations and I can cum just by looking at her really
    GFE 9/10 always smiling, very sincere and totally non commercial feel
    RTM already booked her for next week so it’s a definite Yes!

  2. Just visited Donna today. She is easily the prettiest ML I ever met. I was stunned for a moment when she opened the door as I can’t imagine meeting such a gorgeous and elegant lady. Massage was above average and sensual was great as the sight of a super pretty girl jerking me off was out of this world. For bro who goes for looks and good attitude , Donna is the one for you.

  3. She is the prettiest and hottest lady you can meet in school/ office/on the streets.

    tough to date her and no need to try asking for more than she listed.

    Been to her a few times, always leave feeling good about her service but strangely unfulfilled (because you cannot persuade her to do more… hehehe)

  4. Had a very memorable time with Donna today, she lives to all the hype i read about her.
    Looks 11/10
    She is VERY VERY Gorgeous, definitely prettier than many actresses.
    Body 9/10
    Slender, flat abs, flawless skin and well proportion curves. Can tell she looks after her figure very well.
    Sensual 9/10
    Natural and loving, unlike some MLs who over do it till becomes commercial, her style feels very sexy.
    GFE 9/10
    Holds conversation well, her body contact and the manner she looks at you is very sincere, genuine and loving.
    Special mention: Donna has the loveliest of smile and it is hard to not get bewitched by her when she flashes her beautiful smile. Her long silky nice smelling hair also adds to her magical charm.

    If you are looking for high playability and decide to give her a miss, then you really need to think twice. Donna possess looks and qualities which are super rare in this market, so it is natural that she do not need to widen her services. RTM? Hell yeah.

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