★★★ HAPPY ★★★

★★ #好色之徒 ★

★NUDE★69 HJ★99 HDLY★BM★2xHJ★Room Incl★

Vital Statistics


Origin: 湖南美眉

Age: 26

Looks: Pls refer to pics

Height: 158cm

Weight: 44kg

Body: 34B/22/31

Other Interesting Facts

♥♥♥ Personality- 好色, 开朗

♥♥♥ Hobbies- 看电影

♥♥♥ Relevant Experience- Info not provided

♥♥♥ Love Nest- Studio apartment. Discreet and private

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The services listed are agreed by the lasses themselves after they fill in a questionnaire. We do not cut and paste. Pls request for the services if they are not provided, NOT KEEP QUIET and come KPKB saying you have been smoked. You have every rights to request for the services provided as a paying customer. I choose to keep quiet at the accusations posted at the SBF TCSS thread because i do not want to be further accused of advertising for my lasses on the thread but that does not mean i am admitting to all the absurd accusations.

We pride ourselves on a platform with integrity and the lasses know that not all can come aboard just because they want to pay and we do not take in any Marys, Janes or Lucys. If the lasses do not prove themselves after a month, we have every right not to continue with their advertising when their term expires. Cocky or not, go ask the lasses onboard. They will tell you the straight truth and not the bullshit that the lasses i refused are telling you.

Period. Have faith and have fun here. Else, pls seek your fulfillment elsewhere!

Brand NEW concept, Brand NEW format for your easy reference. With immediate effect, we will only be listing their services for your easy reading. Rest assured that strict QCs are still in place to provide the best for your ultimate enjoyment. No bullshits but good old school authentic massage with a dash of extras.


★★★ Assisted Bath [陪冲凉]

★★★ NUDE Authentic FINGER PRESS/OIL Massage [裸体正宗指压/油推按摩]

★★★ Catbath [漫游]

★★★ Boobs Massage [波推]

★★★ Prostrate Maintenance [前列腺保养]

★★★ Chinese Juagen [中式抓根]

★★★ Lymphatic Detoxification [淋巴排毒]

★★★ Back Stepping [踩背]

★★★ Back Kneeling [跪背]

★★★ Face/Head Massage [脸/头部按摩]

★★★ 69 HJ [69式打飞机]

★★★ 99 HDLY [99式海底捞月]

Location: EAST

Operation Hours: 11AM-LATE

      S$100/60mins/2xHJ Inclusive of Room

HOTLINE: +65 9089 7175

CHINESE only due to language barrier

NO FJ/BJ/BBBJ/Housecalls. Kindly respect her wishes

5 thoughts on “HAPPY

  1. Visited Happy this evening, bubbly and cheerful just like her name, and she looks jus like the photo.

    Humble review for this beautiful lady:

    Look: 10/10,
    Figure: 9/10
    GFE: 10/10, greatly exceeded
    Hj: 10/10, sensually done
    RTM: “YES”, definitely and she will stay as my regular for as Long as she left our shore.

    Treat people with respect and people will reciprocate. A beautiful lady with good attitude, go try before the queue gets longer.

  2. I just finished a session with Happy this afternoon. I don’t normally write reviews but I felt that Happy truly deserves one for providing such an unforgettable experience.

    At first I couldn’t believe that her photos above are real but I swear they indeed are. She is a petite, sweet looking young lady who will instantly melt your heart the moment you meet her. I am sure most bros’ heart will also skip a beat upon meeting her.

    Even shy bros will have no problems warming up to her as her personality is cheerful and she can easily make conversations with you – no awkward feeling at all. Absolutely no commercial feeling, she will make you feel like you are spending time with a long lost lover/friend.

    Started with a quick wash up (private, discrete apartment) and I lie down on the bed. Bros will appreciate that her place is well kept and taken care of. The mood will get you relaxed as she starts off with a back massage. Learn through chatting that she was previously trained in authentic massage as she had working experience in China. Don’t be fooled by her small frame, she can really accurately massage your aches away – just let her know where.

    After getting a relaxing back massage, the massage will gradually turn sensual and that is when the fun begins. I’d recommend Bros to just relax and let her roam your body instead of instructing where and what to do – she will know exactly how to satisfy you.

    I opted for her to keep her sexy outfit on (she wore a nightie) while continue with the fondling of my little bro. I fondle her boobs and her soft supple skin while her hands roams all over my body. Then she teased and stroke my little brother with many patterns and her moans made it hard for me to control much longer with her many hand variations. I shot out a huge amount – much more than I have even with experienced MLs. I went to wash up after that.

    Coming out from the bath room, she gestured for me to come back to bed and gave me a relaxing head massage – I totally didn’t expect that as most MLs would have sent you out of the door since the main deed is done. The head massage was totally on point and was easily worth half the money already. She is not a time watcher at all and you will not feel short changed.

    This is honestly the best money I have ever spent on an ML – made me wonder where this hidden gem has been all my life. I seriously doubt most MLs can meet this standard and I am sure she will be the default massage lady of choice for many Bros.

    looks: 10/10 her smile is killer, exactly my liking
    body: 9.5/10 petite, slim, and her body is really smooth
    massage: 9.5/10 she tries hard to please you, hardworking
    sensual: 10/10 good variations, she has the magical talent of knowing how to please a man
    gfe: 10/10 no commercial feeling at all. You will not regret it

    RTM: Yes. I will definitely return to find her. In fact, I will replace her with my other regular MLs.

    I recommend that you experience her massage early before she turns popular. I am sure she will be harder to book once she is discovered by other Bros – but good stuff must share and help support her.

    Remember to respect her and don’t push your luck with unreasonable requests – respect her wishes. Just enjoy within her preferred limits and I am sure you will be back for more.

  3. Just finished my session with her. Service was awesome. Great girlfriend feel, was chatting and laughing through the whole session.

    Photo is the same as the real person. Do take good care of her.

  4. A nice sweet lady for my first time calling from a website. Great experience.

    looks: 9/10 Same as what the photo is
    body: 9/10 petite, slim body.
    massage: 10/10 she got proper massage technical
    sensual: 10/10 good variations, she has the magical talent of knowing how to please a man
    gfe: 10/10 will talk to you as long you willing to talk to her

  5. Looks/Body/Boobs:
    Got to discount 30% or so from photos. She’s 28, but looks about 5 years or so older. She’s put on several kilos, has a little tummy, her face a bit rounder and puffier, making her a little bah-bah. Boobs are 34B with nice perky light coloured nipples. Unshaven downstairs, but not untidy.

    Staying alone in a condo unit located within red light district. Clean and neat apartment. She’s looking for a place to move to.

    Massage/service attitude:
    Massage is very good and thorough, with good strength and comfortable strokes. I opted for fully nude (as always) from the start.

    Very hardworking too. Insisted on giving me a head massage after the deed.

    Sidetrack a little here – several years back, I wrote a MR for a ML whose name I can’t recall, whereby the entire sensual segment was a blur to me. All I could recall was that our lips, hands, bodies and legs were responding instinctively to each others’. The session had everything except penetration. My concluding remarks about her sensual was the following which I lifted from various websites, “Strictly no FJ, other intimacies depend on your chemistry with her.”

    Happy is the 2nd ML in all these years whom I’ve come across whereby the sensual segment was just like that. It was completely interactive, without any commercial bits nor fixed/rehearsed routines, and she will allow herself to enjoy the session and go with the flow, which means every session with Happy will differ from the next. During my encounter, she would take the lead from time to time, planting her lips on mine, teaching me the national language of France, asking me to kiss her boobs, etc.

    In fact, the entire session was first initiated by her. I was on my best behaviour due to the awkward fact that we have a common friend in Feel. Happy sat on my didi and assured me that she wasn’t going to rape me. She then coaxed me into action by uttering, “一男一女在床上如果男的什么也不做对那个女生是种侮辱.” Hence, in order not to insult her, I had to go for it, LOL. No graphic details. We totally sextified each other by the end of a session that lasted probably around 20 minutes. It had nearly everything except FJ and BBBJ.

    She has a regular stream of return customers to keep her sufficiently busy, and after trying her service, it is easy to understand why. Not for SYT lovers, nor those for whom a pretty face is everything, but a good option for those who enjoy a good massage, appreciate good service, and seek hard core satisfaction.

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