★★★ LILY 麗麗 ★★★

★★ #NUDEHottieMassage ★★

★69 HJ★99 HDLY★2xHJ★Room Incl★

Vital Statistics

Name: LILY 麗麗

Origin: 广东美眉

Age: 25

Looks: Pls refer to pics

Height: 161cm

Weight: 48kg

Body: 34B/24/32

Other Interesting Facts

♥♥♥ Personality- 开朗, 活泼, 善解人意

♥♥♥ Hobbies- 逛街, 旅游

♥♥♥ Relevant Experience- 2 months in Guangdong’s spa

♥♥♥ Love Nest- Studio apartment. Discreet and private

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The services listed are agreed by the lasses themselves after they fill in a questionnaire. We do not cut and paste. Pls request for the services if they are not provided, NOT KEEP QUIET and come KPKB saying you have been smoked. You have every rights to request for the services provided as a paying customer. I choose to keep quiet at the accusations posted at the SBF TCSS thread because i do not want to be further accused of advertising for my lasses on the thread but that does not mean i am admitting to all the absurd accusations.

We pride ourselves on a platform with integrity and the lasses know that not all can come aboard just because they want to pay and we do not take in any Marys, Janes or Lucys. If the lasses do not prove themselves after a month, we have every right not to continue with their advertising when their term expires. Cocky or not, go ask the lasses onboard. They will tell you the straight truth and not the bullshit that the lasses i refused are telling you.

Period. Have faith and have fun here. Else, pls seek your fulfillment elsewhere!

Brand NEW concept, Brand NEW format for your easy reference. With immediate effect, we will only be listing their services for your easy reading. Rest assured that strict QCs are still in place to provide the best for your ultimate enjoyment. No bullshits but good old school authentic massage with a dash of extras.


★★★ Assisted Bath [陪冲凉]

★★★ NUDE Authentic FINGER PRESS/OIL/THAI Massage [裸体正宗指压/油推/泰式按摩]

★★★ Prostrate Maintenance [前列腺保养]

★★★ Lymphatic Detoxification [淋巴排毒]

★★★ Coin Guasha [硬币刮痧]

★★★ Back Stepping [踩背]

★★★ Back Kneeling [跪背]

★★★ Face/Head Massage [脸/头部按摩]

★★★ 69 HJ [69式打飞机]

★★★ 99 HDLY [99式海底捞月]

Location: EAST

Operation Hours: 11AM-LATE

      S$110/60mins/2xHJ OR

S$160/90mins/2xHJ Inclusive of Room

HOTLINE: +65 8651 8746

CHINESE only due to language barrier

NO FJ/BJ/BBBJ/Housecalls. Kindly respect her wishes

18 thoughts on “LILY 麗麗

  1. Originally posted on by Aalk

    That’s it, she has a massage bed. This would have been the deal breaker. Very comfortable massage, at least for me. Good ratio of massage and teasing.
    One of the best ML around, and rather difficult to book. She told me she’s usually quite free on Sundays and public holidays; family day for most, I guess.
    Good location. Not sure about parking, I don’t drive anyway. However, there doesn’t seem to be plenty of parking.
    I will return for more!

  2. Originally posted on by James

    This girl is like an onion. You got to work through the layers. I’ve probably gone back 8 times? Too many perhaps? That’s my preference lah, or maybe it’s the girl. Great GFE. Ok, back to the onion part. The experience with her is layered. The more I go, the more I get. It’s not just a straight message with extras. But I think she going back liao. So I guess time for me to look for new one.

  3. Originally posted on by Queenie

    Good location, 10mins walk from MRT.
    Studio apartment, as private as it gets.
    Massage 7/10
    Face 9/10
    Body 9/10
    GFE 10/10

  4. Originally posted on by Ip Ask

    This girl is really innocent or damn good at acting. Whichever the case, I love it! Message was good, good pressure. Then the teasing starts…

    Shiok! Well worth the money and, of course, my time.

  5. Originally posted on by Eastside Boi Boi

    Good location and comfortable studio apartment.. A short walk from MRT..
    Massage 9/10
    Face 9/10
    Body 9/10
    GFE 10/10
    Rtm- Hell Yeah when vitamin M is topped up.

  6. Originally posted on by Ang Ku Kueh

    That arse. I’m still thinking of that arse. Somemore got a cfm look. Really know how to tease. Rub my prick all over her tits, or was it the other way? Anyway, she told me that this is a special. I guess I must have hit the right notes with her. This was my 3rd visit. Very clean environment. Very good message, I especially enjoyed the head and face message. Bros, worth trying. Excellent job, LTD. Another gem in the bag. Be nice to her, she’s got surprises waiting.

  7. Originally posted on by shawn

    There is something about her which just keeps me mesmerized.. must be her pair of eyes that will 放电n melt ur heart with her sweet innocent smile. Have rtm numerous times.. bet I already kena her kctrap. Her massage is great and her gfe is perhaps one of its kind if u hit the right notes with her. Never a dull moment. A rare gem indeed.

    Its hard to write this review cos of selfish reasons of wantinf her to be mine.. but fyi bros.. she will be going back soon and wont be back any time soon. Pls help to take care of her while she is still on our shores. Already startinf to miss her..

    For those of u bros who r looking for fr:

    Looks: 9/10
    Body: 9/10 (right curves right place)
    Boobies: 8/10 (just nice for me with nice erected nips)
    Hj: 11/10 (pattern many & never say tired)
    Gfe: 10/10

    Definitwly worth cos she’s worth it!

  8. Originally posted on by Thor-kong

    I was especially impressed with the cleanliness of her place. She’s got a sweet voice. And none of those throats clearing habit which some PRC girls have, which is a major put off for me. She well mannered and gentle. Very nice massage, back, legs and arms. She’s strong. Many times I had to ask her to reduce the pressure. Excellent gfe. Got a cfm look, which made me really want to f her. Gave me hj in a series of positions, lying beside me, sitting on me, behind me. Shiok. Very pleasurable. Her head massage is also very good, I fell asleep during the head massage. Next time I will make a 2 hr booking. Because I wanted to extend but cannot! What a disappointment for me. Her location is convenient to get to. Near MRT, 10mins walk.

  9. Originally posted on by Lim Ying

    So I had an appointment with her after reading all these reviews. I was quite disappointed. She was rather distracted. It was not enjoyable. I paid anyway, then parted.

    A few hours later, she sent me a message to apologise for being distracted. It felt like my girlfriend making the first move and gave in to me.

    So, I made an appointment with her again. I thought give chance lah, so many good reviews, cannot be all fake one right?

    This time I was not disappointed. She gave me more than I can handle. Like what the previous bro commented, sweet and well-mannered lady, who really knows how to pleasure a man.

  10. Originally posted on by Johnny

    A quick MR after visiting Lily today for a 90 minute session. 1st customer of the day, and she was right on time.

    Was excited to meet her after reading all the reviews and the experience did not disappoint. Clean and cozy studio, less than 10 min from the closest MRT. Lily is a nice looking girl with a great figure, trim and toned with a lovely butt. Demure and very service oriented, not a time watcher. Massage was professional and had very good strength, had to ask her to be a bit gentler. Both HJs were fantastic, and Lily allowed autoroaming while she licked me all over.

    Gave tips of $10 and will definitely RTM. Thanks Lily!

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