YAN 燕儿

★★★  YAN  燕儿 ★★★

★★ #CERTIFIEDMasterGradeTrainer ★★

★JG★Guasha★Baguan★2xHJ★Room Incl★

Vital Statistics

Name: YAN  燕儿

Origin: 广东美眉

Age: 27

Looks: Pls refer to pics

Height: 166cm

Weight: 53kg

Body: 36C/25/34

♥♥♥ Personality- 开朗, 直爽, 真诚

♥♥♥ Hobbies- 爬山, 游泳, 助人为乐

♥♥♥ Relevant Experience- 2 years in Beijing’s spas

♥♥♥ Love Nest- Discreet and private

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The face is blurred for obvious privacy reasons, not as what you will believe. We do not smoke you nor do we use fake photos. You have been thinking too much.The services listed are agreed by the lasses themselves after they fill in a questionnaire. We do not cut and paste. Pls request for the services if they are not provided, NOT KEEP QUIET and come KPKB saying you have been smoked. You have every rights to request for the services provided as a paying customer. I choose to keep quiet at the accusations posted at the SBF TCSS thread because i do not want to be further accused of advertising for my lasses on the thread but that does not mean i am admitting to all the absurd accusations.

We pride ourselves on a platform with integrity and the lasses know that not all can come aboard just because they want to pay and we do not take in any Marys, Janes or Lucys. If the lasses do not prove themselves after a month, we have every right not to continue with their advertising when their term expires. Cocky or not, go ask the lasses onboard. They will tell you the straight truth and not the bullshit that the lasses i refused are telling you.

Period. Have faith and have fun here. Else, pls seek your fulfillment elsewhere!

Brand NEW concept, Brand NEW format for your easy reference. With immediate effect, we will only be listing their services for your easy reading. Rest assured that strict QCs are still in place to provide the best for your ultimate enjoyment. No bullshits but good old school authentic massage with a dash of extras.

My True Encounter With Her

Based purely on my 1st encounter with the lady on 20th January 2014, this is a factual Field Report. Bros who have tried the ladies from Lil Tiger’s Den can have faith in my reporting. They are as true as it is to my knowledge.

Read on and find out first hand my overwhelming experience with her on the fateful day!

THE CERTIFIED MASTER TRAINER has touched down for the first time on our shores. Reckoning to all good old school massage lovers, this is definitely one that you can’t miss.

10 years of massage experience in Guangzhou plying her trade as a trainer in saunas and authentic massage shops. Certified advance pro masseuse in PRC and she even went Thailand for a stint to learn authentic Thai massage.

Honestly speaking, despite my many years of massage, i have never come across anyone like her. It is really my good fortune for her friend to seek me out for her to join us. Her professionalism and expertise just overwhelmed me! For the records, i spent a whopping 4 hours there.

Massage bed with a whole array of massage equipments that she took the trouble to buy at Yuhua. She was telling me that she even had a cloth stitched for Finger Press as towels are too rough and it is not comfortable when it is laid on our body. This is how meticulous and the kind of pro approach she takes toward her profession.

During the test run, she takes the time to explain the various acupoints and the functions of them. I am not one that can take hard massage but surprising hers was of adequate strength and it did not hurt a tenny weeny bit. In fact, it was so relieving that i can feel the knots going away and my old aching body feel a sense of lightness and relief never felt before.

I did not have the time to check out all her services despite spending 4 hours there as she has too many items on her tray. Will like to highlight though about her JG and HJ. Authentic Thai JG that she mastered in Thailand. Felt soothing and my manhood felt rejuvenated after that. She can even tell me about my sexual performance just by looking at my manhood. In fact, i shot a whole load with some landing on my face. Talking about COF, i had it but unfortunately, it landed on my own face. Lolz! I was not expecting much from the HJ cause she looks so so pro. I was wrong, utterly wrong! Her HJ had me squirming in ecstasy and i had to take my mind off for fear of premature ejaculation. Lesson learned, never judge a book by its cover. This woman has depth!

Go on and experience for yourself true massage. Have told her that she is gonna be my regular masseuse from now on. Kudos to her and her professionalism!

P/S: A word of advice though. Do opt for the 2-hour service if you have time to spare. You will understand why when you check her out.

QCed personally by liltiger. Listed below are my frank comments of what i experienced with her. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!


★★★ Authentic FINGER PRESS/OIL/THAI Massage [正宗油推/指压/泰式按摩]

★★★ Prostrate Maintenance  [前列腺保养]

★★★ Authentic Thai JG [正宗泰式抓根]

★★★ Cow Horn/Copper/Jade Guasha [老牛角/铜器/玉石刮痧]

★★★ Cupping [拔火罐/气罐/走罐/闪罐]

★★★ Lymphatic Detoxification [淋巴排毒]

★★★ Back Stepping  [踩背]

★★★ Back Kneeling  [跪背]

★★★ Face/Head Massage  [脸/头部按摩]

★★★ 99 HDLY [99式海底捞月]

★★★ 69 HJ  [69式打飞机]

★★★ Special Traits/特异功能- Pro Massage Bed/Authentic Ancient Thai JG/Ancient Eyes Maintenance[专业按摩床/泰国古法抓根/古法眼部保养]

★★★ Pls do check with her for any other massage services in case i missed out on any

 Location: EAST

Operation Hours: 11AM-Late

S$100/60mins/2xHJ Inclusive of Room

HOTLINE: +65 9472 4895

Chinese only due to language barrier

NO FJ/BJ/BBBJ/Housecalls. Kindly respect her wishes

36 thoughts on “YAN 燕儿

  1. Quote:
    Originally Posted by astcrsv2

    For all massage lovers! Confirm damn good massage! It’s as TS described, she is damn pro in massage! 90min was just too short! So far those I’ve tried I haven’t RTM before cos never found one that I’m completely satisfied with. But will definitely RTM Yan er… So a bit dilemma to post FR. Later everyday slots fully booked… But good things need to share!

  2. Quote:
    Originally Posted by qwerty66

    Thanks TS for the great find. Her massage skill is real good. With back steeping that she even manage to release parts of my back which so many others have fail.
    highly recommend for those who need a good rub and cracking

    she a nice lady w gook service.
    bro please take care of her.

    RTM yes yes yes

  3. Quote:
    Originally Posted by ryutaroman2

    Massage is VERY GOOD.

    Mentioned to her not to take calls/ SMS during session.

    Not CFM look. More a neighbour that takes good care of u.

    RTM ok.

  4. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Rambutan

    Had an appointment with 燕儿 and I had a very good impression of her professionalism. She was trainer back in China in the area of tuina and skilled in rehab of injuries. She shared with me that there are many customers who need some pressing to relieve their pain caused by back injuries came to look for her service.

    Myself have some issue with my back and not sure of the effect after the session this week. However the next day after I woke up, I felt so good that I could not feel most of the pain that was in my back. Today I and feeling only 30% of what I felt normally and I can bend my back easier compared with the situation before that session. I will book another session with her next week for followup treatments.

    I booked a full 2 hours session with her and through out her treatment, she concentrated the 1.5 hours on my head to toe. Then additional treatment on my injury using some herbal heat treatment.

    I will say my tuina or massage not extensive compared with many brudders but IMO, she certainly current my top level masseur experience at this moment.

    BTW, she had a massage bed and was maintain good hygiene by changing the sheet after my session.

    Parking is packed but not impossible and she intend to move to somewhere soon.

    Happy Ending: Strictly JG only, no BJ, BBBJ, make love etc.

  5. Quote:
    Originally Posted by xing

    seldom write FR and always feel lazy on this. however i think yan er should be given one FR for expertise in massage.

    Had a very bad backaches after booking out from in camp training, and, i decided to go for a massage. i was bit sceptical at first, however once she started her massage on my back. i can feel all the soreness is easing off bit by bit. although the 90/60min rate is pretty ex, i still find it worth while. no point paying for a massage at 40/60min and yet i still has my backaches with me.

    She know what she doing and even point out to me on my sport injury and told me that it can be hurt however it needs a few session before it can recover. i was truly amazed by her skill, because even a registered TCM also cant offer me a complete solution to my injury.

    Hence i truly recommend her to any bros going for a genuine massage.

  6. Quote:
    Originally Posted by wolfblade

    Highly recommended for all massage lovers!

    Massage: 9/10 (Knows where to press with good strength, one of the best so far)

    She also provides Gua Sha, Ba Guan etc for bros who require. No extra charge as long as time permits. Has a complete set of instruments for them.

    Not a time watcher and would not short change your time. Highly recommended.

  7. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Rambutan

    RTM 燕儿 sometime last week and opted for 1.5 hours as time available was shorter than last week. She uses the TENS units (aka electrical pulse therapy) on my back issue. The TENS consisted of a bronze or copper that can have some medical effect on my back. After about 30 mins using it to treat my back, as usual, I enjoyed her strokes when she uses her hands to massage my back. Approaching 1.5 hours, she asked me to flip over and offered happy ending massage!

    Try to find a excuse to meet her again this week!

  8. I pormised 燕儿 a good FR last week but were too busy to do so.
    Spent 2 hrs with her and I felt really good after that. Her attention to details, her technique which confirm her many years of experience.
    She’s able to alleviate specific pain point in your joint by various methods and her JuaGen has been a whole new experience.
    This is exactly why I have extended from my usual 1.5 hrs with her to 2 hrs so that she can focus on getting all the knots loosen up.
    Top notch masseuse and not to be missed!

  9. About 1 month ago, I had a very serious shoulder and back ache which was cause by the other massager with the hard massage treatment; I was not able to sleep well for 2 nights.
    I was recalled even come across liltiger web site, learned YAN is a top massager and highly recommended by some brothers with very impress comments, take liltiger advice to opt for a 2 hrs treatment. I remembered my first visit to her after my work and told her about my pain, immediate she ask me to lay face down on the massage table, and give me a good tuina massage on my back side. She mentioned that she has well trained in China and would solve my pains. After the tuina massage, I feel that my muscle pain was relieved and whole body was soften, able to sleep well that night.
    YAN is a very hardworking and skillful lady; i have a very good impression of her professionalism, expertise and explain various acupoints and the functions of them, I just nods my head to pretend I am understand, in fact I don’t.
    She has a lot of instruments and small tool for all type of massage treatment, till today she still purchases new instruments to serve her customer better. She will always check with you is it painful or enough strength during her fingers press.
    I am a 40+ and lazy old man with limited exercises and my job is sitting whole day in front the PC, typing and right hand holding mouse, always had pains on my shoulder, hands, lower back waist and lower portion of legs. This let me make an effort to pay her a visit every week to relieve my muscle aches and pains.
    I remembered she suggest me to has a Baguan and Guashu treatment during my third visit, at first I was worried those ugly mark leave all over my body, but she said just bear with some pain, you would feel very comfortable after treatment. In fact there is some pain for the first 2 days and I can feel my whole body is very comfortable and not get tired easy nowadays, my body condition has improve.
    She studied my “SHU” and said OMG, my body has too many “cold air 寒气” ask me to stop taking cold drink. She even advises me not to bare foot contact to the floor, always wear slipper at home. She joked to me if I am lazy to buy a pair of slipper, she will buy for me. I bought a new pair of slipper immediately after her treatment.
    She has become my personal healthcare consultant, she always nagging me to quit smoking and stop taking cold drink which is harmful to my body and do not waste her efforts on my treatment. I was very touching, all brothers ask yourself other than your family members or close friends to remind you take good care of your health, who else would care your health, she would.
    I am considering buying her a good and useful present on my next visit to appreciate her well treat me.
    Although she is not like other massager give you discount if opt for more than 1 hour treatment, but she will make sure not short charge your time and sometime even over run if she has time before next customer visit and every single dollar you spend is worth it and more importantly her treatment is effective and solve your problems. I learned from her that she needs to maintain high fixed cost, eg. Room rental, advertising, personal expenses, support her China family, etc., give her some tip if you can afford and found her treatment is useful to you.
    She strictly don’t perform any BJ and FJ, please respect her on this. Treat her well and she will take good care to you. She will service warm tea to her every customer and ensure new towels was replace before next customer visit

  10. Quote:
    Originally Posted by MassageFollower

    Had a session with her. She can tell from massaging me that I had a stiff neck. She took out her tools and started to help me to ease the stiffness. Good massage session that I had. Definitely one of the best around.

  11. Quote:
    Originally Posted by desparate99

    Have a few sessions with yaner, n must say tat she is a gem not 2 b missed..very good n professional massage, n her JG n HJ was also very good..very friendly lady, n enjoys chaatting with her..tks TS 4 the recommendation

  12. Quote:
    Originally Posted by mytracker

    First time trying JG. Not sure what to expect.

    Told her interested in JG, immediately starts to explain and massage.
    Never rush through massage and JG.

    Massage: 9/10 (good pressure on the acupoints)

    JG: 10/10 (skillful)

    Personality: very friendly

    Rtm: yes.

    Try it yourself and the rest is history.

  13. Quote:
    Originally Posted by ninjaboi

    Just visited Yan Er this afternoon. After reading the encouraging reviews by other brothers, decided to try Yan Er out. She is very professional & she knows what she is doing. She even advised me on how to take good care of my health. Very impressed.
    Yan Er is not a time watcher & she is very friendly & sincere in providing her service. Easy to chat to also. She even offered me dinner after I finished the session. Very warm & friendly service. If you want good solid massage & JG, yan er is a very good choice.

    Massage: 8/10
    JG: 10/10
    HJ: 7/10
    RTM: yes

  14. jus came back from yan er place. good massage as I have back ache. although is 1 hour deed. she manage to relieve the ache. great job!!

    never get to see her body as she was dressed up. but is ok. maybe others bro she strip. for me she don strip.

    but plus point is her JG is damn superb solid. fondle with ur didi although there are times are ticklish. but overall is shiok. she told me there are bro that JG for 1 hour. now I know why bro go 1 hour. cos too shiok!!!

    will return to find her. soon. also will go for longer hours!!

    location is at G area but ample parking space. she stay alone so not to worry. also the towel is clean unlike some MLs recycle the towel which got smell…

    overall recommend to bro who wants to relieve ache and go for longer hour!!!!

    • bro, can I check if yan er will strip when JG? cos seem like she don strip while JG. able to advise as intending to RTM.

  15. Highly recommended for all massage and JG lovers!

    Massage: 9/10 (Knows where to press with ample strength, one of the best I had up to date)

    JG:Bring up up the mountain,clear all blockage.

    Everyday slots fully booked,need advance booking… But good things need to share!

  16. Had a 2 hrs session

    Very good experience
    Massage without oil but as good as with oil
    Very professional and caring service
    JG was more than 45 mins. Just relax and enjoy.

    Massage: 9-9.5/10
    JG : 9/10
    Service : 10/10

  17. Whoever wants to have the real, relax and effective massage, she is the only answer after tried so many otgers thru website or friend recommendation. One of the impressive point is that, the entire body is totally released and good sleep after the massage. Bro, what are you waiting for?

  18. Sometimes I meditate and after my session today I swear I was in a state of higher conciousness

    I have gone to countless massages but my recent session was by far the best

    She will bring you to the edge and dangle you off the cliff before rejuvinating your soul

    She conducted a harmonious symphony orchestra with my cock

  19. Just did an 1 hour massage with Yan Er. Her place is a very nice and quiet place. Staying along in the unit so a lot of privacy. She is a very nice and chatty lady and most importantly, skilled and knowledgeable lady.

    Her massage was really skilled as she was telling the points and why is it hurting and how healthy I am as she massage. And really, her massage is really splendid and she will manage to rub the stress out of your body. This is real massage compare to those Massage outside.

    I must say she is a very nice lady, offered me drinks when I arrive, set towel for me to bath and take good care of your needs.

    Massage into 35mins, she asked if I wanna JG, I say okay. So she was saying next time must take longer duration so she can properly massage for me.
    Her JuaGen was nice and sensational. Coupled with oil as she stroke it and massage the balls and stroke it. Feels like heaven. No wonder people was saying, JG can be better than Sex. I truly agree now. Then after 20 mins of JG, she asked if I wanna release so I agreed of cos. Already hardon man.

    So she came and sat beside me and start to stroke with various strength and speed. I took the chance to hug her by the side and try to auto roam abit with her clothes on. She still wear during massage. As my climax is reaching, I hug her tighter and she stroke even faster. She was saying I will sure cum a lot as she say, boom… All spilled out. And I am a relaxed and relived guy. Really wonderful experience with her, no wonder it is so difficult to book appointment with her.

    Looks: 7/10 (Different people different view)
    Body: fully dressed so judge by the look, 7/10. Quite well maintained
    Massage: 10/10 (Real professional massage)
    JG: 8/10. She can control your little one with her strokes and make it feel like heaven
    Damage: 100 / 1 hour

    RTM: sure and definitely.

  20. Hi, I am just a normal passerby. I enjoy good massage session.. I just completed my 2hr quest. The place is cosy , clean and relaxing. Yan er is very polite, offering drinks , coffee. She even offer me food. Okok, I am there for 2 things, massage n juagen
    Massage is good, and truely a pro, in this line. She advised me , where I need to look out for, like my neck posture is not in good shape, and in the long run, I will have problems. She is a honest person, not out to cheat u. Seriously good massage. I sleep better after I reach home.

    Okok , main part, juagen… she lets you enjoy… the process, and never a rush job…. you are at her mercy…. she can let u come, if u miss behave, haha… I had a good 30mins juagen session… I oso now knows , why others do it for so long….. its berry relaxing and shiok.

    She is a nice person. Sweet. Her figure is not bad. Sometimes , being naked , spoils the fun , in the imagination department. So I am fine with being dressed up, in a pretty way. I will be back to see her …. behave and be rewarded.

  21. So much have been written about YanEr’s skills.
    Don’t just always go for the traditional stuff..
    My recommendation: ask for “eye treatment”..she will make your eyes feel so much relax. Trust her fingers going around your eye sockets.. feel the result thereafter.

    If u can stand pain also ask for ‘Gua Sha’. It Is definitely worth the pain to take away another pain…at least for me having chronic back problems.
    In case u are undecided and wondering what the end result will be ask her to show u some photos…

  22. Just now types a Chinese version of review but after submit doesn’t seems to see the comment so now type the English version as easier to type English.

    Her massage skills is really good, she know use what strength and what type of method. I went to a lot of others they all say I am as hard as stone but yan er managed to hit on the correct acupuncture point. It is really whole body from top to toe. After the massage I ask for the zhuagen, it is marvelous. Some ppl say when others jg they feel very pain but when she help me with it I feel very relax. You shoot out or not all is under her control. Of Course some will than ask does she strip off her clothes during jg or hj. The answer is no she dun, but looking at her figure she got quite proportionate ratio. Tummy have some fats but it is perfectly fine.
    Please do not force her on that because everyone have their way of doing things be it emotional or not they already mention so dun push them too hard on that.
    Those bros that would like to book her for tml onwards has to be disappointed as she will not be around for the next 10-15 days.

    Massage: 9/10
    Jg: 10/10
    Rtm: yes if she is available as her slot usually quite full

    Hope she have a good rest during the break, will keep her inform of the effects of method she teaches me to shred some fats.

  23. Had a session with her and I must say her massage skill is 10/10 one of the best masseur I have had for a long time. Will definitely return for more sessions.

    As many others had mentioned, go for a 2 hour session to enjoy yourself if you are going down and you won’t be disappointed.

  24. just back from RTM session with Yan and feel must give this review so other Bros wun miss out.

    Took 1.5 hr massage session and regret only becos the time is too short. Already thinking of returning and will definitely go with 2hr session the next time but have to wait for vit M replenish.

    Bros out there looking for serious and good massage must try, Yan also gv good advice how to maintain good health

  25. just back from RTM session with Yan and feel must give this review so other Bros wun miss out.

    Took 1 hr massage session and regret only becos the time is too short. Already thinking of returning and will definitely go with 2hr session the next time .

    Her massage very good and aspecially her JuaGen & hj was also very skillful.

    So guys take my advice to opt for a 2 hrs treatment better

  26. Just had a session with Yan Er, her massage is really awesome and she really hit the right points!
    She is really focused on her massage and gave advice on how to maintain good Heath.
    What amazed me is that , I had a knee injury for a very long time and visited many physicians whom are not able to solve the problem. I did not tell Yan Er about this problem, but by one glance, she already knew there was problem and she managed to treat it!
    Truly recommend her at least 90 mins.
    Best masseuse ever!

  27. Just look at the comments all the way from 2014… no joke. She is the BEST OF THE BEST.

    Strictly for no nonsense massage lovers. I took her advice not to ejaculate after JG because it will be better for my manhood in the long run. I actually felt rejuvenated after my 1.5h session with her!

    So please. No nonsense! She is the BEST!

  28. 燕儿 is a master for authentic massage and jg.
    She is also qualified in tcm
    Had a great session with her .
    She relieved my aching back and neck.
    You can see many MRs on other MLs that get close to 10/10. But they are not even close to her standard.
    As such she deserves a rating of 18 out of 10.

  29. She is finally back !
    Just finished a session again after she left in 2015.
    Do look for her for body maintenance and servicing, better than those TCM clinics.

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